Resources for Our Short Film Project



1. Barraza, Pat - based in LA
has Arri Alexa mini

* * * (innocence)

2. Charles, Cliff - based in NY
has Canon c300s


you know

3. Faruqi, Asad - based in NY - (via Ashwin)

Recent short film
password: bobobobo

* * * *

4. Ikeda, Tani - based in LA
has Arri Alexa Mini

Director reel (she shoots a lot of what she directs):

director or cinematographer reel

5. Newman, Keenan - based in SF, has places to stay in LA

lots of beautiful images

6. Tringali, Stephen - based in LA
has Red Scarlet
Night Shots (6 seconds in): from "The Ice Cream Truck"
Night Shots (23 seconds in): from "Silicon Beach"

* * * (so so)

Grant Research Notes

The Fledgling Fund

Sundance’s Catalyst Women program:

Program that can get our permit fees waived:

If we happen to finish principal photography by June 30:

Women In Film Office
4221 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 130
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Phone: (323) 935-2211

Resources for Women In Film:


Documents and Resources

  1. Working Production Budget (Google Sheet - Editable)
  2. Working Budget (May 20, PDF)**
  3. Working One Sheet Draft (Google Doc - Editable)
  4. Crew and Cast Candidates (Google Sheet - Editable)
  5. Inspiration Images (Google Drive Folder, +see below)

**if the budget is edited and we output a new PDF this link will need to be updated.

Package Elements

  • Sonja's Bio
  • Chip's Bio
  • Mahrya's Bio
  • Narrative synopsis
  • Topic description/relevance
  • Budget (see above)
  • Attachments and other Bios
  • Expanded description of impact strategy
  • Tonal imagery

Impact Partners

National Organization of Women
Washington Gas Building, 
1100 H St NW #300
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 628-8669

RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network)
1220 L St NW #505
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 544-1034

Civic Nation
They do the It's On Us campaign, sort of an organizational hub of impact partners committed to Rape Prevention.

727 15th Street Northwest - Fl 3
Washington, DC 20005

1120 G St Nw Ste 990
Washington, DC

The Rape Foundation
Their Board 
1223 Wilshire Blvd., No. 410
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Phone: (310) 451-0042

NOTE: I called left a message for Marybeth Roden about the project, just to open a dialogue in the event that they might have a bead on funding participants.

I spoke to Marybeth. They're not really in a position to support much aside from participating in a local screening.  Mostly because they're a cash-strapped nonprofit that doesn't normally get involved with campaigns or do campaigns in general. 

She said to reach out to RAINN.

Inspiration Images