Miles Update, January 18th

I'm very excited to report Miles will be officially start working toward his Associates Degree this month.  We're in the process of enrolling him now, and then he's off to the races.

I launched the Quiltstarter site to help raise funds for his tuition, so check it out and consider picking up one of the amazing quilts that Miles makes with his very own hands.  I'll be posting more quilts very soon, including one extraordinary one he made from me from old T-shirts that belonged to my step-father whose no longer of this earth. 

World Changing

In the years that I've been working with kids who are a part of the juvenile crime epidemic in this country I've had the the conversation many times that centers on the big question: What do we do about it?  

And the subtext in every one of those conversations, at least at the beginning, is this: how can we possibly solve a problem as deep and complicated as this one?

I was reading something about the Buddhist idea of the illusion of separateness. Father Gregory Boyle was referencing it in his book as the way that many people cope with the enormity of problems like this: by believing that there is a separateness between us and the constituents of urban gangs.  

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