Internet Wasteland Redux (For Zeke)

Carpenters, on the other hand, have been absolutely thriving since the explosion of the internet, which is demonstrated easily by observing our peer group; take our friend Michael “Yeats” Yates for instance. The only thing he made out of wood pre-Internet was a signal of desire and now he’s a prolific and widely celebrated practitioner of the Ligneum Arte.

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Pass the Flashlight

We’re all just monkeys, given a flashlight for the first time and what do we do? We ram it in our ass just to see if it’ll fit, and the people who made that flashlight are aghast, and they think, “that’s not what we had in mind. No, not at all.” And they would take that flashlight away and figure out a way to teach these monkey what it’s really for.

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Denizens of Dawn

and I recall Serge, the Baker of Vanderbilt Avenue who infused Brooklyn mornings with his affection for home; and somewhere the boatsmen are already awake, always awake before the rest of us, no matter the hour of our rise, and their engines churn that low, jocular gurgle that describes readiness, always a few more chores to tend to, above deck and below;

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I think it’s time we embraced ourselves as one of the nuttiest and most violent countries on earth.  I’m not lambasting America. I love this country, its people, its natural wonders, its diversity. But we are one of the most peculiarly violent countries in the world.

Whenever some crazy, power-drunk human being takes the life of another, the act occupies the darkest region on the spectrum of human behavior. So whether it’s Southeast Asian genocide, Sub-Saharan African tribal strife, Balkan neighbor-on-neighbor warfare, or a slow, persistent dirge of public shootings, each of these violent characteristic belong in that same dark region.

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More Thoughts re: The FB

It's fashionable to blast Facebook, and it's also fashionable to love it without admitting you love it. We all love the unique aspects of connectedness that The FB affords us, those of us who have experienced it, anyway.  How could you not? I love being connected in an offhand way with all of my high school brothers and sisters, even if we don't keep in touch any more closely than we did before we were Facebooked. It's nice to know you're there, John Twisselman, Chris Dini, Mark Strunk, Adam and Shelley and Sheri B and Loris (prev) Anderson and Bartlow, Jon Scholl and my man Dan E, Erik Stenberg, Todd Sears, Steele Bennett, and you, Andy Tichenor, and Lon Breitenbach, and Fred Khalaf... Christ, I could go on and on. You know who you are, the lot of you. I love Facebook for being a digital tether with my outer circle of friends and I will never abandon it until a better alternative avails and you all adopt it. Until then, I'll still love Facebook. Just from a mildly greater distance. And you'll find more of me here. Whoever you are, who might be reading this.