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 Chip Warren started his career in media producing and directing social justice-oriented documentaries for film and television. His work includes They Call Us Monsters (Netflix), Lake County Juvenile Justice and Young Kids Hard Time (MSNBC), What Do Artists Do All Day (BBC), 12-Year Old Lifer (Channel 4), as well as pieces for ABC News, National Geographic, Hulu and A&E.

Chip has also been screenwriting since the late 90s, writing a few crummy features on his path to craftsmanship. By way of his social justice network, he had the opportunity to write a pilot with a cast member from HBO’s The Wire, a collaboration that exposed him to feedback from working writers and showrunners. To date, Chip has written six pilots, eleven features and three shorts.

His wide-ranging life and professional experiences – living throughout the United States and in Europe – inform Chip’s writing. His immersion in urban cultures began during a tenure with New York City’s welfare agency, working in welfare centers throughout the five boroughs. His documentary work deepened that immersion as he embedded in blighted communities, the courts that serve them, and in the correctional institutions that serve as the catchment for wayward individuals.

A theme that weaves throughout his stories is the ability of human beings to rise above extraordinary challenges, whether that be a teenager’s struggle to survive the brutality of adult prison (Lemon Grove), to a trafficking victim trying to extricate herself from the sex industry in Eastern Europe (Rue), to a young man forced to face the rigors of adulthood when his father is called to serve (Black Stump Hollow), or a young woman dealing with the pain from unresolved early-life trauma (Desert States of Ursula).

Now a partner in Spirit Medicine, he works with Alonzo Van Wilson developing not only their own work but also the work of a collective of emerging writers. In addition to his writing, Chip is active with ManifestWorks, a nonprofit he co-founded that launches people marginalized by breakdowns in social justice into meaningful and upwardly mobile careers in the entertainment industry.